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Our aim is to bring together students from across the three campuses and encourage them to interact with one another and connect with the services and activities that UTSU has to offer. Situated in the heart of downtown Toronto, U of T offers almost any opportunity you can imagine. While striving to ease the transition, the UTSU is here to welcome students and help them find their place in their new, big home!

Schedule of Events

Wed Sept 6
Cheer Off
Varsity Stadium
Tri-Campus Parade
Parade Route
Clubs Carnival
Front Campus
Fri Sept 8
Night Social
Location TBA
Tues Sept 12
Street Festival
St. George Street

Tri-Campus Parade

Date: Wed. Sept 6, 2017 / Time: 1pm-3pm / Location: Parade Starts at Varsity Stadium
Come showcase your TRUE BLUE spirit at the U of T Tri-Campus Parade! All of our campuses, faculties, and colleges will join together for one of the most anticipated events of Orientation Fest. We will take over major streets of Toronto to cheer our hearts out and show our U of T pride.
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Clubs Carnival

Date: Wed. Sept 6, 2017 / Time: 3pm-6pm / Location: Front Campus
The Tri-Campus Parade fun doesn’t end there- in fact, it leads right into the Clubs-Carnival on Kings College Circle! Students will enjoy food, sponsored activities, inflatables, a DJ, and more while learning about the various student groups on campus that they can get involved with!
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Night Social

Date: Fri. Sept 8, 2017 / Time: 8pm-2am / Location: Stadium Nightclub
Get ready for the best night you’ve had in awhile. Strobe lights, and great music await you and your new friends!
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Movie Night

Date: Fri. Sept 8, 2017 / Time: 8-10pm / Location: Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College
UTSU and WCSA are partnering up to bring you a cozy night in, complete with a hilarious movie, popcorn, and candy! Settle down after a long day of Orientation activities to watch Neighbours with your friends.
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Street Fest

Date: Tue. Sept 12, 2017 / Time: 10am-3pm / Location: St. George Street
Students are drawn towards exhibitor booths, performances, music, DJs, food trucks and hundreds of clubs that are set up along St. George Street.
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Hello incoming UofT students,

We are gearing up to welcome you here at UofT! The goal for this blog is to give some hard-earned tips on how to make the most of your time in university, and where to seek respite in Toronto. Stay tuned for more information on life at UofT, where to get help when you need it, and where you can go to unwind.

For now, follow UTSU on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated on all the Orientation Fest events!

Sincerely, Orientation Executive Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Orientation and Orientation Fest?
A. Orientation week is a week dedicated to help incoming students acclimate to the U of T campus.  This is one of the largest orientations in Canada, and engages thousands of students with a diverse set  of interests. This year, we are calling this week Orientation Fest.
Q. How much does Orientation Fest cost?
A. Orientation Fest is free for all students. Divisional orientation usually charge a fee. However, UTSU offers a bursary for students who cannot afford the cost to attend their college/ faculty orientation.
Do I have to register for Orientation Fest?
A. Orientation Fest events do not require that you register ahead of time. The Night Social does require you to bring your T-card!
Q. Can I attend the Orientation Fest events if I’m attending another Orientation week?
A. Yes, in fact, most divisional orientations overlap with Orientation Fest.
Q. I’m involved with one of the clubs on campus. Where can I sign-up for clubs day? How much does it cost?
A. Registration for Club Day closes on July 17. For information about the cost, or to sign up, go to
Q. Do I need a T-card to get access to events?
A. You would need your T-card to be able to attend the Night Social.
Q. Can non-UofT Students attend the events?
A. The Night Social and Homecoming game, admit non-UofT students, or students who cannot produce a T-card, for a fee. All other events do not require validation of student status.
Q. Where can I learn about orientation events for different divisions?
A. Divisional orientations have their own websites to communicate with students.
Q. Where can I learn about orientation events for different divisions?
A. Divisional orientations have their own websites to communicate with students.

Other Orientations on Campus

Victoria College
University College
New College
St. Michael’s
Innis College
Daniels – Architecture

Information about the Orientation Bursary

Although the UTSU’s Orientation Fest is free, some colleges and faculties charge registration costs for their Orientations. The UTSU’s Orientation Bursary aids first year students by reimbursing Orientation registration costs for those who demonstrate financial need.

Awards are based solely on the nature of the application and financial need. The collected information is used to determine eligibility and will remain strictly confidential. Keep in mind that the average reimbursement is approximately 50-70% of your divisional Orientation registration fee. We understand that this does not cover the full amount you need.

Note: You must be a full-time undergraduate student at St. George or a Full-Time Toronto School of Theology Student to qualify for this bursary. (Full-Time undergraduate student mean you are taking 3.0 or more FCEs). Applications for the 2017 UTSU Orientation Bursary will close Tuesday September 12th at 11:59pm.

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Orientation 2017 will be a success for both our students and our partners. As we continue to grow we are always looking to partner with companies.

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